In Quantum Discoveries we are truly diverse. The team consists of more than 10 nationalities with a wide professional background from data science, geology, homeland security, biology, politics and social sciences.

Daniel Boyce

Resource Generation Manager

M.Sc. in geology with a special interest in regional geology, structural geology, tectonics, and porphyry copper deposits, Daniel is part of the development of the Discovery Platform and the operational Discovery Program.

"Working in Quantum Discoveries means a constant intellectual challenge for me, where the exploration paradigms are challenged every day. There is constant encouragement to bring new ideas and apply them systematically to the discovery process."
"Quantum Discoveries has given me opportunities to develop myself as a professional in the direction where I want to focus my career, within a comfortable working environment."

Felipe Rabajille

Information Generation Manager

An exploration geologist with seven years of experience in copper exploration, Felipe leads the intelligence function and knowledge management team.

Daniel Scott

Data Management Expert

Leveraging his geological background, Daniel has taken the lead role in developing the proprietary software providing insights into our data and automating processes by running flexible algorithms on unique geological context.

"Quantum Discoveries is fertile ground for innovation which provides wealth of challenges that have given me many opportunities to develop. The best thing about working in Quantum Discoveries is being part of a multicultural experts team with a can-do attitude. I firmly believe we are creating a new pathway to discovery."


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