Quantum Discoveries has developed a revolutionary "search and find" methodology. Leveraging a global team with strong links to industry, research centers, and academia, we created a groundbreaking innovation in a traditional industry. Our technology speeds up and increases the efficiency of "search and find" mineral discovery processes, making monetization of multiple world-class deposits possible.


Proprietary Discovery Platform

We have created a sustainable Proprietary Discovery Platform for mineral exploration that remarkably increases accuracy, speed and confidence of finding high-yield sites. The platform helps interpret thousands of combinations based on geological profiles and other scientific data at a glance. We have dedicated significant resources over the last five years to research and development, encompassing areas of computer science, machine learning and artificial intelligence to support a robust decision-making process.

QPX Dashboard

Fusing human and machine intelligence

Providing decision makers a comprehensive status and recommendations for operations, by merging experts knowledge with collective intelligence and data science backed by unified big data repositories.

Dramatically improving discovery success rates

The average success rate of discovering large deposits in the industry is 1:1000 (roughly 30x worse than roulette). We aim to improve this by 20x to 50x.

Cutting-edge intelligent technology

The software manages more than 60 tools, comparing and ranking hundreds of combinations based on geological profiles and processes and significantly improving the quality and reliability of discovery results.

Powerful generic platform

Industry-generic technology - open to deployment in almost any commodity, in any jurisdiction.

Discovery Room - Science & Technology Center

The Discovery Room is our applied R&D division based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. It can create "search and find" solutions for different commodities and jurisdictions. Starting with problem-setting, the multidisciplinary team comes up with a tailored solution: a custom Discovery Platform. The system is designed and put into practice with a full team and complete ecosystem requirements. The Discovery Room collaborates with leading universities such as MIT and Imperial College, as well as other leading research institutions.


Join forces with Quantum Discoveries

If you are looking for opportunities to invest or to jointly discover, or you represent a research institute interested in collaboration, join us in our exciting journey. Apply our discovery platform to your high potential properties, or partner with us to deploy our technology to new commodities and jurisdictions. Do not miss the benefits of partnering with a global team with strong links to industry, research centers and academia. Contact us below about a possible partnership.

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QPX to raise $30M On Q4 2018

April 2017

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